This site is about writing, and soldiers. I served worldwide while assigned to elite units and had the honor and opportunity to travel extensively. I've lived in Central America as both a soldier and a civilian. These rich experiences have allowed me to write more realistically. I can remember going through a certain situation and thinking, "This is something that should be remembered."

There are a lot of injustices that take place in the Americas, things that you'll never read in a newspaper. There are many people, civilians mostly, a part of the underground that are fighting right now to free the oppressed. My wife, who is Panamanian, lost two cousins along the Panamanian - Colombian border known as the Darien Gap, killed by narco-terrorists. I wanted to bring these problems to light with my first work of fiction, The Southern Cross. The story is gritty, and brutally realistic.

My second book, Day of the Ranger, began to emerge in the mid-nineties. I knew ever since my ranger buddy Randy Shughart, (Medal of Honor, Somalia) was killed in Mogadishu, that I would dedicate a book to him. And in doing so, it would be a story about Somalia, and the return to Somalia. It's also a story about friendships forged in the Ranger Battalion, and how Some Battles Never End.

Through the winding, cobblestone lanes and quaint parks of Casco Viejo, Panama, Copper Penny materialized. I watched the street vendors, especially the raspadors as they served snow cones or cold drinks to anyone that had the money. You never knew who’d be stopping by. It might be the President of the Republic, a General, or a peasant. Mostly, it was the poor. The one thing they all had in common was the price. The rich paid with nickels and dimes. The “shirtless ones” paid with copper pennies. There was always loose talk on the streets, and one raspador in particular seemed to know when the next riot would start—or even a coup d’etat. If he stopped selling early, especially with ice left over, you knew something explosive was about to happen.

Danger Elite is an older story that I started, stopped and rewrote several times over the years. It chronicles the lives of two US Army Rangers, starting in Airborne School. They get entangled in a deadly web of deception as innocent people are being killed in broad daylight on the rainy streets of Seattle. Through a series of chance encounters in Chinatown and two brutal deaths in the muddy swamps of Florida during Ranger School, the main characters piece together who the real enemy is. Most of the story takes place in the ‘90’s, a time when Rangers still wore the black beret.

Writing is a passion I have that surpasses just about anything else. It's very lonely. You spend hours away from family and friends, up late at night, searching for just the right word, the right sentence, the perfect paragraph, and it's never good enough. Keep at it and keep writing. That's what writers do.

I would appreciate any comments you have on my site, my writing, or your writing.

Thank you.

Innocent bystanders are being targeted by a highly trained assassin on the rainy streets of Seattle. Clues to the killings are found in a Florida swamp—during Ranger School.

An assassin suddenly appears at Sebastian's stand. The encounter sets in motion a game of wits as the old warrior tries to prevent Panama from spiraling into anarchy.

A dying man's confession leads former operator Tom Daniels back to Somalia, and the hidden cloud forests of Colombia. What he discovers is more than he wants to know.

Out of the flames of the invasion of Panama, expatriate Jon Croft is pulled into a brewing revolution, and a conspiracy. All for the love of a woman.